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Psychotherapy Services

We offer psychotherapy services for individuals of all ages, couples, families and groups. This page provides basic information about the different ways in which we can best work together to help you achieve your goals. Please feel free to contact us to schedule a confidential, no-fee consultation.

    Adult Exploration

Many people work individually in psychotherapy. There are many issues that can be explored in individual sessions, including concerns about work, family, health, money, sex, and spirituality. Problem-focused or solution oriented, there are therapeutic approaches suitable for most clients.

Real gains can be achieved in a relatively short amount of time, and that might be all that's needed by one person for now. Or a course of individual therapy can develop over years as someone explores their entire life. See our alternative psychotherapy page or our list of online resources for more information on a variety of topics or contact us for a free consultation..

back to top Restoring Balance in Relationships

From time to time in close relationships with a spouse, roommate, or partner, we and/or "the significant other" can behave in unsatisfying ways despite the best of intentions and efforts. When relationships become unbalanced or painful, or when you want to improve on a good thing, relationship therapy can help you restore and build on a sense of respect, satisfaction and connection in your relationship while staying true to your self.

Clearer communication, deeper intimacy and a stronger partnership can be achieved by couples who want to do the work necessary to heal their wounds and reestablish their committments to each other. Sometimes what's realized is that what's needed or wanted by one or more parties is to separate from or end the relationship; relationship therapy can be helpful in this process as well.

back to top Supporting Families

Many problems that bring people to therapy involve more than one or two people in a family. Sometimes healing requires many family members from different generations or branches of a family tree to work together in discovering more satisfying ways of relating. When neither acceptance nor change seems possible, it can help to meet with a family counselor who can help family members to understand that in most cases there's no one person at fault.

Families can get caught in "systems" or patterns of interaction that seem to take on a life of their own, just like individuals or couples sometimes find. Problems of abuse, addiction, depression or anxiety may not be limited to a single "identified patient" but in fact result from the interaction of several family members. In these families, family therapy can help people reconnect, say what must be said and do what's needed to repair or at least recover from breaks in the bonds of family.

back to top Self-Esteem & Teens

Many people may not know it but therapy is a great place for teens to get help in raising their sense of self-esteem and beginning to understand themselves and their world. It's also a place where conflicts with their families, schools and communities can be negotiated and resolved. Most importantly, therapy can help teens recognize and build on real achievements they make every day.

One teen's program might involve other family members or school or addiction counselors. Another's will include a field trip to a museum with their friends. A teenage client's therapy can be developed with the family, school and community participation ~ or alone between a teen and their therapist. A teen's therapy is determined by what helps the teen reach his or her goals.

back to top Play with Kids

Therapy for children is play. From the outside, it looks a lot like two people playing a game or drawing or acting stories with puppets. On the inside it's a special hour for the child in which a caring adult is focused on helping the child rather than the grownup feel better.

Children often blame themselves for problems in their families. Each child is like a "canary in the coal mine" ~ more sensitive than adults and so more likely to suffer at times of stress. Often this distress is seen as indicative of problems in the child. Treating these symptoms involves depathologizing the child and restoring a sense of trust and spontaneity in his or her life. Children's therapy often develops into family therapy as stresses in the child's world are identified and addressed.

back to top Groups & Workshops

Our current programs include:

  • Empowerment Over Violence for Men & Women ~ victims and perpetrators of violence can regain their sense of direction in life and take responsibility for achieving the life they want for themselves and their families
  • Talking Drum ~ drum circles and creative arts workshops for groups

Please contact us for more information.


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