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A loving father & son
A loving father & son

If you are a victim of abuse or suspect someone has been or is being abused, reporting abuse is the single most important step you can take, especially if the abuse might continue.

If you suspect that any person, especially a child, elder or dependent adult, has been or is being abused or neglected, contact the police and/or the child or adult protection agency in your community. In an emergency, dial 911.

In Jackson County, OR, call the Health and Human Services Administration at 541-774-8200 for Child & Adult Protective Services.

In Marin County, CA, call Child Protective Services at 415-473-7153 or Adult Protective Services at 415-473-7118. The Marin County sheriff is at 415-479-2311.



If you cannot speak out for fear of a threatened consequence, do not blame yourself ~ do what you must to survive or to protect the victim. However, should you ever feel safe enough to tell your story to someone who can help stop the abuse, consider taking a risk and reporting what has happened.

If someone you know is currently being abused, help the victim(s) get to a safe location (such as a friend's home or a shelter) and call for help (see above).


If you are treating someone else abusively (acting violently or inappropriately sexual, violating someone's trust or reliance), stop now if you can. You too are a victim of the cycle of violence and abuse. Read the information on these abuse pages and consider if your behavior toward others reflects your highest standards. Notice how you and others feel about your behavior. Do you or others feel you should change your behavior?

Consider if you can change your behavior in ways that will help you and others feel better. If you feel unable to change your behavior, get support now ~ call a friend, a therapist or the police, someone who can help you regain a sense of self-control and self-respect.


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