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For Everyone

    A free 53-page guide to Marin County Mental Health Services. in English and Spanish.

by Michael Mesmer, MFT


This paper was written as an assignment for "Paradigms of Consciousness", a graduate seminar at John F. Kennedy University during the 1991-1992 school year, as part of the Masters in Counseling Psychology program of the Graduate School of Holistic Studies.

In its original form, the submitted paper consisted of a cover page, an introduction, and several stapled chapters held loosely together in a folder. The auhtor's intent is to make it possible for the reader to create her own experience of the paper by selecting the order in which the chapters are read. Here, we present links to the various chapters and invite the reader to go through them in any order you wish...or not.


by Michael Mesmer, MFT

    This article was scheduled for 2004 publication in "Grief Matters", published weekly by National Grief Support Services, Inc.
For Therapy Professionals  

Respectfully Engaging Court-Ordered Clients in Treatment


by Michael Mesmer, MFT

    This article was first published in the "FAVTEA Bulletin" (Spring/Summer 2004), published by the Family Violence Treatment and Education Association.

Using Guided Imagery and Meditation with Clients When Addressing Anger and Family Violence


by Michael Mesmer, MFT

    Published by permission of CAMFT (California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists).

by Michael Mesmer, MFT

    This case study was included as a chapter in "Intimate Partner and Family Abuse", J. Hamel, ed. New York: Springer Publishing Company, 2008.


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