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Standing Up to Violence
  Individual & Group Empowerment for Men & Women

Stop Violence Now!  

Have you been subjected to violence first or second-hand?

Have you ever felt you could not stop yourself or another from behaving violently?

Have you ever felt provoked to behave violently, if only to defend yourself?

Have you felt victimized by violence in your personal life, community or the world?


Do you want to stand up to violence?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, you can benefit from our individual and group empowerment programs for men and women. You can "stand up to violence" in your life and live with more safety and self-respect. There are no guarantees in life. But you can take steps to feel more empowered and regain control of your life to the extent that that's humanly possible.

By "violence" we mean any behavior by which one person forces something on someone else against their will ~ including guilt trips and other "mind games"; verbal abuse; and verbal and nonverbal threats of violence. More obvious violent behaviors include vandalism; theft; rape; and pushing, tripping, or striking someone with a bodypart (fist, knee, etc.) or weapon.

Drawing on the work of therapists Michael White(1) and Alan Jenkins(2), our programs use innovative approaches to "standing up to violence" that promote responsibility, empowerment and self-respect. For victims of violence this often leads to higher standards of self-care and better use of resources. For people who have behaved violently, "standing up" can include taking charge of feelings, leaving provocative situations or relationships, and making amends.

Contact us today for a confidential, no-fee consultation.

1. White, Michael. 1995. Re-Authoring Lives: Interviews & Essays. Adelaide: Dulwich Centre Publications.
2. Jenkins, Alan. 1990. Invitations to Responsibility: The Therapeutic Engagement of Men Who Are Violent and Abusive. Adelaide: Dulwich Centre Publications.

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